Avada theme review: Is avada good theme or Not?

Hello guys! What you think? Avada-theme-review: Is avada good theme or Not? Today i’m gonna explain real experience of this theme.

If you looking for a perfect theme in any niche then this will be good or not?

You have to focus on Quality of any theme.This is very important to choose a theme very easily. Will you believe it or not? But that’s true. At first when you buying or reviewing any product or gadget’s you have look for Quality and That’s the main thing.

You can buy this theme by costing 60$ per website.

Avada wordpress theme

Number 1 Best selling WordPress theme is Avada in 2019. Are you surprised? You can check it on envato marketplace. So, no introduction need today for avada theme because they have more than 500,000 users. If you researching a good theme then this will be a best choice for you. Not only good because it’s a better theme for everyone.

avada theme,avada theme review by reviewsware,avada theme is best.

Just go back in 2011,

Two freelancer’ s are got an idea to work Envato marketplace. They are- Mohammed Haris and Luck Beck. Then they started designing and developing wordpress theme.

Then they finally launched thier biggest project in last week august 2012. After that, In one year they got great resposnse of it. In quick time It an recieved buyer rating 4.64 out of 5. It getting popularity day by day.

The themefusion got more than 2X sell more first week of may 2013. At this moment themefusion has sold almost $6 million.

Now you are thingking that, What is themefusion?

Well theme fusion is Professional website tools and they have made Avada themes together. I hope everybody is now got clear idea about it.

Avada theme is multi-purpose theme. You can make any type of site by using this theme. This theme have lots of demo that will help people to create a new website. This wordpress theme can be help those who are designer’ s and developer’ s.

Are you looking for make a shopping website with wordpress? well, then its possible with avada theme. Oh no! Are looking for make a blog or magazine website? It’s also possible. It’s a multi-purpose wordpress theme.

Why avada is better theme?

Do you know about “Fusion core”? This is a very powerfull wordpress plugin and this theme comes with “Fusion core” plugin and it’s a partner plugin of this theme. So it’s great for this theme and It’s features is very powerfull because people’s can be control this theme very easily.

Are you using avada wordpress theme? If yes then you can make change anything of your website without any coding. Just look-

Avada theme features

You can control page options i mean you can edit anything you want and probably you can’t get it other wordpress theme. So surely it’s a good advantage. Avada themes have advanced options for network. So you can control global and individual options of your website.

They have lots of demo because they made this theme very strongly. So, you can choose anything of them and apply your wordpress site.

This theme can be changed a man mind easily and It looks like very responsive. Thats not a joking, Seriously this theme is great.

This theme created by using all essential premium plugin thats why no need extra more plugin for use because all plugin’s are useful.

Just look the picture Avada theme always optimizable with any device. So, everything is good with this theme.

Design of Avada WordPress theme

Are we talking about design of Avada wordpress theme? Well, what i say you? Because I’m still using Avada wordpress theme and I’m fully satisfied with this theme. Not only me Lots of people’ s reviewed about this theme and review rate is 4.9 out of 5!

Look the design of Avada theme:

Avada theme designs,reviewsware.
Avada theme design demo
Avada theme designs,reviewsware.
Avada theme design demo

This theme have more than 50+ demo. So how powerful theme it is! They have unlimited design’ s on there theme. Design’ s are very attractive. This themes are giving new look everytime to all users.

Avada wordpress theme have very effective editing options that giving user’ s to create a great look on their website. So, almost all in one theme with awesome design’ s and all design’ s are unique.

Responsive design of avada theme

Avada wordpress premium theme is very responsive and mobile optimize theme. When you will buy this theme then Pc or laptop are responsive but we are finding mobile responsive theme and I have used this theme So, I have checked it. It’ s fully mobile optimize wordpress theme.

avada theme mobile responsive

Mobile and tablet is the largest way get traffic on your website because maximum traffic are using Smartphone or Tablet and It’s the big issue for us that’ s why mobile optimize theme very essential.

If i discuss about header section then i have to say that, Avada wordpress premium theme have 5 header styles. So, when you develop your website by this theme you can choose a header style easily for your website. All styles are very attractive because the developers team made it
by high quality customizations.

Avada theme page builder’s

Avada themes have their own page builder plugin It’s called Fusion builder. Already i said that, It’s a premium plugin.

The Fusion builder,of avada theme
Fusion builder

There have lots of page builder plugin’ s but One of the best page builder plugin is Fusion builder. When version 5.0 release, Then fusion builder started to working Properly. It’s works great page building Just like Pre-build, Content editing and Lots of option’ s really great. Then they are launched their next version 5.1 and added user friendly interface, User friendly page building, Building API etc.

The Fusion builder,of avada theme
Fusion builder interface

Lots of feature’ s there of Fusion builder. So, It’s a time-saving awesome plugin and It comes’ s with plenty of pre-built templates. It’ s processing lots of work very easily within 10-15 Minutes. So, User can be create a wonderful website by customize.

Just need to follow customization and make a website very easy using Avada wordpress theme. That’ s why its so popular theme in the world.

The  fusion page builder free with avada
The fusion page builder

The Fusion page builder is a premium plugin of wordpress but It’s free with avada wordpress theme. So, just look the picture its the another interface of Fusion builder.

Fusion builder updating their plugin day by day and Coming new features that’ s really great. So, avada increasing their user day by day. Suppose, You have used a button on your website but suddenly you need to hide to so that You must need to delete it right?

So, you don’t need to delete it you can pause it by using fusion builder! How important plugin it is! It’s really great update to see. Just love it.

Fusion builder is plays a major role for website building in wordpress because it can make change any theme very quickly not only Avada.

Is Avada good for SEO?

What you think? SEO friendly theme means your website SEO optimized? NO! Avada wordpress theme is a SEO friendly theme because It’s great design for mobile or tablet and page loading fast it will help for SEO thats it.

Avada good theme for SEO
Avada good theme for SEO

Do you know what is SEO? SEO means Search engine optimazation. So, surely Avada is a better theme for SEO. Just you need to Optimize your website content in search engine then your website will be great. SEO depending of your optimzation in search engine but avada is ok with SEO.

So, a website must need better optimization in search engine otherwise website will lose the rank quickly. Website Rank is very important for anybody. Just need to care about it. you need to maintain your website and theme if you looking for good traffic from search engine. So we have to understand it.

Avada wordpress theme LIVE demo-

Avada is the best wordpress theme to make any type of website because They have lots of demo on their theme. They have many type of demo design with any niche. So, they have quality of their theme you can make website by choosing any niche just like Travel, Agency, SEO, Business, Magazine, Blog etc.

Example of avada theme demos
Example of avada theme demos
Example avada theme demos
Example of avada theme demos
another demo of avada
avada theme demos
avada theme demos

Just look the all picture i have added some demos of Avada wordpress theme. Currently, they have 50+ demos for make a website with Avada wordpress theme. They are addding more demos on their theme. That’ s really positive thing.

They have different options for website color choosing,editing and everything. So, as a person, you can make creative website by this theme no doubt about that. Just buy the theme then buy a domain and hosting package because for make a new website you have to buy domain and hosting then finally upload it on wordpress and import files,write content on your website and enjoy it.

You should check the demos and preview in online. Then you will get a clear idea of this theme.

Woocommerce support

Are you looking for make a online shopping website with avada wordpress premium theme? So It’ s possible to make website with this theme.

Avada woocommerce supported theme,avada review
Avada woocommerce supported theme

Do you know that what is woocommerce ? well, woocommerce is a premium plugin.

how it work?

If you are looking for make a shopping online store then you need to use woocommerce plugin for customize online store website. So, woocommerce supported with avada. you can customize your product pages,shop pages,and checkout pages with this premium plugin. This all features on this plugin that’ s why it’ s best for online store website.

woocommerce plugin on avada
woocommerce plugin

whats your benifit with woommerce plugin?

  • Revenue reports: You can see all revenue reports on your woocommerce dashboard.
  • Order reports: You can see all orders on your website.
  • product report: you checkout your product reports on it.
  • stock reports: Do you have enough product on your website or not? you can see it.
  • Product comparison reports: Highly customizable sales data reports you can see on there by using it.
  • category reports: It’s also able to check on this plugin.
  • Customers reports: You can watch customer reports on it.
  • Download reports: How much download your product on the website you see check it easily.
  • Tax reports: you can see the tax reports total on there.
  • Advanced filters: you can more advanced options on it so this is one of the best plugin in wordpress.

All theme is not supported woocommerce plugin because developers need to write code with themes then it will support woocommerce. So,good to see that avada also comfortable with this plugin.

You can use this theme on you blog website,portfolio website etc.

Avada theme sell details

You already knew that, Avada wordpress theme is the Best selling wordpress theme of all time. So, I have to show the proof about it right? Well, I will show you the sell details of avada theme.Just look the picture.

avada theme sell
avada theme sell

You saw my picture? Avada wordpress theme over 500,000 sell right now and its 2019. Am i showing you edited picture? Are you confused ? Ok then simply check it in Themeforest.

Avada already launched their 6.0 version! This change make the theme great too.Everyday people’s searching a better theme for their website and they are buying other themes. However, Aavada is the best theme for making simple website to woocommerce website. Avada theme sell increasing day by day so why you choose other theme without Avada!

Review story of this theme

Avada theme Rating is 4.8 out of 5! Almost 20,000+ buyer review there And review is positive that’s excellent! (highly recommended)

Avada reviews
Avada reviews

This theme developed brilliantly by its developers. So, users can create a awesome webpage by pre-buiting layouts, customizations.

are you new in making website? then surely Avada theme for you because you can edit everything by without any coding skills!

Avada support review

I’m gonna discuss about avada team support. Is it too good or not?

All of their items come with 6 months support and its included with their theme. You will get lifetime free updates of the theme. When 6 months support is up, you can extend it 6 month – 12 month if you want.

avada theme support and help
Avada support forum

If you not extend support, then you can contact with them via email that mean’ s you can send your feedback by email.but there have terms and condition from envato marketplace. you have to read everything when you buy it.

When you customize Avada wordpress theme on your website,If you need any type of help then you should visit their website.then you can send them your feedback.They will help you quickly.

Their support available 24/7. Do you know how to contact with them? Just go to their website.

  • At first sign up there if you haven’t account.
avada support page
avada support page
  • After you signed up,Just login your account on it.
avada login page
avada login page
  • Then go back to themeforest. Login your acount there then go to avada purchase download and Locate your purchase code.
  • Then again go back again Avada theme support page and hit to Register envato code and put the code on it.
avada support
avada support
  • Then follow instructions and finally Open the support page and just write your feedback and submit it.

Their support has been great.I hope you will satisfied with that.

Will you buy avada or not? still confused?

Well, did you made any website before? if not then you should start with Avada wordpress theme because this is so easy theme you ever seen. Fully optimized and easy to control your website.

I think Avada is a happy family! everything is okey with this theme. Nothing wrong here!

Is Avada better theme for business purpose?

That’s a good point! Are you thinking for start a business ? Are you reviewing that, which theme is better for you?

Then i will suggest to buy avada theme Because avada offers a great opportunaty for user’s.

Avada theme for start a business
Business price

Now you have decide that! is that good for you or not?

Is Avada effecttive for new user?

Of course avada is a better and very effective for a new user here is the reason-

  • A new user never can use any wordpress theme very easily but Avada is easy for him.
  • This theme will be first choice for a new user because avada theme is very easy for customization. A new user can customize it quickly.
  • It’ s a great theme a new user can understand anything on the dashboard.
  • Very fast webpage. No need to fix any html or minify css!
  • No coding skills needed for changing anything.
  • User can make anytype of website! yes that’s surely true.
  • No page optimizer need its auto optimized with Fusion builder premium wordpress plugin.

Avada wordpress theme cost!

Avada is a premium wordpress theme and number 1 top ranking wordpress theme. Are you interested to buy this theme? If yes then let’s see what you will get on this theme-

Number 1 selling wordpress theme avada
Avada theme
  • More than 50+ demos on their theme if you can make 50 type of site surely!
  • Avada wordpress theme created with Fusion page builder thats free with avada.
  • Avada page builder is highly recommended page builder premium plugin.
  • They have unlimited design of every demo’s.
  • It’s 100% SEO friendly theme and very comfortable with any devices like smartphone, Tablet.
  • Theme support has been great. If you face any problem with avada wordpress theme then support stuff will help you on time.
  • There have 6 premium plugin free with avada theme That’ s why it’ s great advantage for you.
  • You can make any type of creative website by using avada page builder.
  • Friendly dashboard and easy to edit .
  • Theme options and page option’s are great you can change your website without any coding!
  • One click demo importer.
  • Its Woo commerce supported wordpress theme you can make a shopping website easily by using this theme. They have unlimited editing option and design’s.
  • Avada privacy tools you can manage your banner or google front etc and control it.
  • Already sell 500,000+ in quick time so its surely better theme.
  • You will get lifetime free updates of this theme.
  • Over 300+ web pages.
  • Unlimited layout on their theme.
  • You can translate your wordpress dashboard with any language with this theme.

Now we will talk about this theme price. This theme have lot’s of features and more advantage.So, surely you thinking about high price? But no! This theme legal price is 60$ you can buy it on envato market. you will get real flexibility and all demo’s with this price.

Full website setup with Avada wordpress theme

Did you got full idea about avada wordpress theme? I think,you must got it and its enough for you. isn’t it ? This article must helped you about avada wordpress theme. So, we are going to learn that, How can we setup our website with avada wordpress theme.

It’s not hard at all. Just very easy to setup with your website. It’s very simple for those person who haven’t any skills with programming. No need to learn programming with Avada wordpress theme because its can make it quickly and simply by Avada wordpress theme.

Remember that, what you need to do before make a website with wordpress here. So, lets get start to make a website with this theme.

How to buy avada wordpress theme?

Before making a website you have to buy a theme it’s very basic step and it’s better to start website with premium theme because premium themes have all features and high quality support. Avada also a premium and best wordpress theme we have to buy it.

I am gonna just compare about other premium wordpress theme and avada because you will get lots of flexibilities and options in a premium wordpress theme but it’s not easy to customization all themes.you need at least some technical skills for develop a theme But if you looking for avada wordpress theme then No skills needed.

You can edit and add everything on this theme and no file browsing needed for edit Avada wordpress theme.It will help all developers for edit anything on a website.I hope you understood it.

You can buy Avada wordpress theme from themeforest.It’s very popular website to buy wordpress theme easily.

At first buy this wordpress theme. Just fill up everything make payment and download the theme and It’s should be a zip file.

Prepare Domain and hosting

Well now we have to buy a domain and hosting. What you think? Which domain and hosting provider’s are best?

Yes, It’s your right think i am agree with that because you need to looking for best service. In this time, lot’s of domain and hosting providers giving best rate for domain and hosting package.

This is not matter because , almost 70% company providing cheap rate with domain hosting package. but just don’t buy it if you want to make a essential website.

If you buy a domain and hosting plan with very low rate then you have to face lot’s of problem with that. When you will run your website then the hosting company servers will be down sometimes! then what you will do?

Nothing is free and easy in the world. So, i suggest you to choose a best domain hosting company.

Do you have any idea? Which company are the best?

Well, I will share my personal experience now. I have used so hosting plan’s but i like Siteground domain hostng company.They have great support and super fast service that will satisfied you.

  • At first go the site and provide requirements for signing up then make a account.
  • Choose a domain and hosting plan’s and make payment and buy it.
  • Another benifit is wordpress automaticly installed in siteground hosting panel so it will be easy for you.
  • Directly go to next step that means after wordpress installed go to wordpress dashboard and upload your theme.

Dou you need best service ? then strongly recommended to buy Siteground domain hosting.It’s so easy and comfortable.

You can checkout my all hosting reviews-

Avada theme installation

When your wordpress installation is finished, you have to go for next step. Just need to install Avada wordpress theme.

This is very easy step. It can be installed just like other wordpress themes. So, you have follow instruction and install avada wordpress theme.

Well after completed this step you have to import data. There have lots of demo of avada wordpress theme. Now import all demos of avada wordpress theme by a single click.

After complete this step, you can start create and edit your website by customizing everything. You will get all access on this theme without any coding knowledge.

Update your website with avada wordpress theme

You already completed wordpress installation and theme installation. Now what you need?

Now you need to publish your website by writing content and customizations. Use their page builder’s and setup all with plugin’s.Then write unique content or article for your website but remember that everything should be SEO friendly because it will help you for ranking your website on search engine.

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