Bluehost review ! Is bluehost web hosting good or not?

Bluehost web hosting comany,Reviewsware.
Bluehost web hosting comany

Bluehost is one of the biggest web hosting company in the world Because It already hosts over 2 million websites. So, Bluehost is a powerful brand in the world for web hosting. Today I’ll show Bluehost review! because Is bluehost good or not? You should know about that.

Bluehost uptime is really good always 99.95% up in last 2 years. So, It’s one of the best web hosting providers in the world.

Founder of Bluehost

Bluehost is a one of the best web hosting provider’s. It founded by Matt heaton and Danny Ashworth in united states. It started their journey in 2002 . Almost over 800 people’s working with bluehost. So, Just think about it how big this comany. Remember that, Bluehost is the number 1 recommending web hosting site by

Bluehost features and pricing

Bluehost have five type of hosting service because They want to give better services for all users. Five types of hosting are:

  • Shared web hosting.
  • WordPress web hosting and WP pro.
  • VPS web hosting.
  • Dedicated web hosting.
  • Woocommerce web hosting.

So, You can buy any type of hosting service from bluehost. Hosting is one of the biggest issue for users because a website can’t run without hosting and better services is very essential for us that’s why i am reviewing about bluehost.

User experience is another issue for a company because If a user get better service then next time he will come again on there.

Are you looking for best web hosting company? Then bluehost will be best choice for you and highly recommended with wordpress website. You believe it or not bluehost is a top web hosting service providers in the world.

Bluehost best web hosting company
Bluehost best web hosting company

Bluehost offered special discount for hosting service. So, you can choose your hosting plan from 2.95$ monthly cost. Just look on the picture-

Bluehost hosting plan,reviewsware
Bluehost hosting plan

Are you happy with this price ? Listen to me because cheap price is nothing at all. You need better service right? So, cheap price always not good. You need to satisfy with the service. So, Look for the Quality of hosting.

Lot’s of web hosting providers offered web hosting plans in very low cost. Is it means they are best? No, It’s not because Service, Support and Quality is the main thing for all users.

Bluehost giving hosting plans with low cost. Personally i am using their hosting So I am happy with bluehost hosting.

Now i will discuss about the all hosting plans with details.

1.Shared web hosting

Shared hosting is most popular web hosting plan.If you looking for a web hosting plan with low rate then shared hosting will be your better choice.

  • If you are a new user then you can start basic plan with only 2.95$ per month. Then it will jump up to 7.99$ per month. So, It’s the regular price of this plan.
  • Second plan name is Plus.1st time cost is 5.95$ per month and after that it will jump to 10.99$ cost per month.
  • Third plan is Choice plus. It will start from the same price 5.95$ for first time. Regular price in 14.99$ every month. It’s most popular plan in bluehost.
  • The last plan called Pro. It’s high quality hosting plan start from 13.95$ and later you have to pay 23.99$ each month.

Shared Hosting Plans and details-

Bluehost shared hosting price and plans,reviewsware.
Bluehost shared hosting price and plans

This basic plan you can make 1 website with enough SSD storage and bandwidth. You can also use 5 parked domains,1 included domain and 25 sub domains. Is it best price for you? I think, yes. Not bad price at all.

If you looking for the plus or choice plus plan you can host unlimited websites and unlimited SSD storage.Not only that you can use unlimited subdomains,domains and parked domains.

Are you thinking about email storage?

There have unlimited email storage with includes Global CDN and spam experts.So, That’s really extra for you.It’s also enough with this kind of price.

Now i will talk about pro plan. What is it?

Pro plan will be use for business purpose and It’s high quality plan. If you buy this pro plan then you will get High perfomance with Premium SSL certificate,Dedicate IP server,Spam experts,protection for domain,site backup etc. You will get more benefits with this plan with no issue.

2.Wordpress web hosting and WP pro

We all have ideas about WordPress. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. That’s why people’s making their website wordpress.

Well anyways, we are talking about wordpress hosting. Here is the bluehost wordpress hosting details-

  • Basic plan start 2.95$ with 3 years subscrption package.This plan jump up to 7.99$ per month and it’s the regular price.
  • Plus plan and choice plus plan start from 5.95$ for new users with 3 years subscription pakage. regular price is 10.99$ and 14.99$ .

What you think is it same plan like shared hosting? yes, you are right because this plan look like same as their shared hosting plan.

Anyways,Bluehost added their new category 2018. New category called WP pro. So, lets talk about it.

Wp pro

This hosting plan are great. So, You can build and grow the perfect wordpress website with WP pro.

Advantage of Wp pro:

  • You will get everything in one marketing center and dashboard.
  • Included SEO, email marketing, and social media tools.
  • Just Optimized performance for blazing your site speeds.

They have 3 type of hosting plan with WP pro. Here is the details-

Bluehost WP pro hosting features and pricing,reviewsware
Bluehost WP pro hosting

This plans looks like expensive because price are quite high. If you look for others wordpress hosting then you will see this is really quite expensive rate in bluehost.

What’s the different?

Different is This wp pro plan are going with high perfomance VPS and you will get High optimized speed on your website. So, If you looking for wordpress pro then It will be big deal in bluehost. Bluehost is one of the best domain hosting provider company and trusted that’s why surely this hosting plan is great.

They included jetpack basic in build package premium in grow package and jetpack pro in scale hosting package.

Do you know what is jetpack?

Jetpack is a premium wordpress plugin it will secure your website and give you site backup and spam free.

Build hosting plan

If you looking for build hosting plan then you will get basic site analytics. You can look everything and control your wordpress website very easily and site backup,maleware detected tools etc.

Grow hosting plan

Grow hosting plan added jatpack premium. You can enjoy the all premium features on on hosting. Analytics is a important issue for a website. If you looking for manage your website then you need to follow analytics tools. So, you can get this premium features with this plan.

Scale hosting plan

The Top level plan called scale. Are you looking for online business? I mean you can start a ecommerce business for your future. So, If you looking for a ecommerce website for your business purpose then the scale plan is only for you. You can buy this plan for only business purpose like Company website, ecommerce etc.

You will get more benifits on scale hosting plan because it’s quite expensive but you will get benifits.

So, you will get LIVE support for grow hosting plan and scale hosting plan. If you face any problem with hosting and wordpress you will get support from support team.

All plans are satisfied for me because you will get premium SSL certificate, Support always on time 24/7. Are you thinking it will be risk? Not at all because they have 30 day money back guarantee.

Your all pugins will update automaticly and you can manage your website backup regularly. If you post anything on your website then it will be tested before publish. I think thats a great option to choose this plan.

Currently I’m using their hosting service on my other website and I am satisfied with their services because I got very fast support from their team and issue solved everytime and their team gave me advice. So, It’s really great.

Why will you pay them much for hosting? It’s a common question but if you look for better services and support and extra advantage then It’s not bad. I hope you understood. Bluehost always friendly with wordpress and it’s true thats why It’s No 1 recommended hosting website from wordpress.

Now i wanna suggest you that If you looking for make a ecommerce website or company website then Scale package is better for you.

3.VPS hosting

They are giving virtual private servers and it very powerful. Your website will more fast and secure.

They have 3 type of hosting plans.

  • First plan called standard and it start from 18.99$ for first month and after that it will charge 29.99$ every month. It’s the regular price.
  • Second plans called Enhanced It’s 29.99$ for new user and after that it will charge regular price and It’s 59.99$ .
  • Now the powerful plan called Ultimate . It start from 59.99$ for first time and then it will charge 119.99$ each month.

Is this price good for you or not? Well now i will discuss for these 3 plans.

You will get 2 Cores for standard and Enhaned plan it will increase your website power and ultimate plan giving you 4 CPU cores. That’s only for the top plan.

30GB SSD storage available for the standard plan, 60GB for Enhanced and up to 120GB SSD for the top plan. It called Ultimate.

If you looking for RAM then 2GB for lowest plan 4GB for middle and 8GB for top plan. Now just look for bandwidth you will get 1GB bandwidth for lowest plan called standard and up to 8GB for top plan. You can also increase your bandwidth. All plans come with specific IP adress.

Support included 24/7 and 30 day money back guarantee also available.

4.Dedicated web hosting

Firstly i wanna say, Why Dedicated hosting? Why need to use it?

Well listen , A website need dedicated service for higher perfomance, Security and control it.

Bluehost providing great Dedicated service for peoples,They are giving enough services.Look the details on the screenshot.

Bluehost dedicated hosting price,
Bluehost dedicated hosting price

Features of it:

  • One year free Domain registration is included with every plans and it’s for the first time only. After the initial year you have renew the domain at market price.
  • SSL certificate is essential for a website. So, bluehost giving you Free SSL certificate with all plans of hosting service. Your all information will safe from third party.
  • You will get 30 day money back guarantee for all hosting plans.
  • You will get EXtreme speed for your website.So, the technology will give your site speed much high.
  • Any other general issue will solve as soon as possible.Bluehost giving quick support.
  • Your website data is 100% protected by Raid storage.
  • Need more storage? You can upgrade your storage if you want.So, you will get more space on your server.
  • Bluehost Dedicated servers included full root access for your webpage.
  • Do you need dedicated support? Well, It’s also available in bluehost.
  • If you buy Dedicated plan then your Cpanel will improved and easy to use and it wont damage anything on server.

5.Woocommerce web hosting

Are you looking for start a ecommerce website? Bluehost giving you 3 type of hosting for ecommerce website.

bluehost ecommerce hosting,reviewsware
Ecommerce hosting plan

What’s your basic advantage to buy Ecommerce hosting?

  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Easy to Use Themes.
  • Safe & Secure online payment.

What’s included in all Woocommerce web hosting?

  • Domain is the basic subject to make a website. You will get a free domain with all hosting plans of bluehost.
  • Woocommerce easy and auto install is a great advantage and you will get it If buy hosting from bluehost because Just skip the hassle of installing and confiquring Woocommerce.
  • You have to secure your online store website from third party. So, You will get Free SSL with all plans of hosting. So, your website and visitors data will 100% safe.
  • Enjoy unmetered bandwidth width all hosting plans. No limit,No issue.
  • Make your website more safe. You are getting a IP adress for your website. So, share IP adress is not you will get a New IP adress.
  • Do you need marketing credits? You will get 100$ free for microsoft advertising and 100$ for google ads.

How to manage Woocommerce website with bluehost?

At first Build your website. You can make a website within an hour with
instant WooCommerce integration. Then configure your online store Woocommerce plugins.Choose your woocommerce design and made it quickly. So, All features you will get with bluehost.

After complete website build proccess then look for control. As soon as possible customize your website and you can do it quickly.

Bluehost Cpanel

Bluehost made easy Cpanel interface to use for everyone. They have better website setup option in one click. So, you can install wordpress in one click. That’s why bluehost is much popular in the world.

Bluehost Cpanel dashboard,reviewsware
Bluehost Cpanel dashboard

Cpanel is the full access for any website. So, surely it’s very important. Anyways, You can customize your website from bluehost cpanel very quickly.

Bluehost Refund policy

Bluehost is a incredible company for web hosting. They have many years of experience. They are giving 30days that mean 1 month money back guarantee. So, If you cancel your hosting within 30 days Then you will get refund your full amount.

But if you cancel it over 30 days then you wont get back your money.So, it’s a big advantage for users. Domain cancel and refund money is not possible.

Security of bluehost

Bluehost providing better security for their users.Your website will be fully protected from all kind of spammers! So, you need to setup your website security and easy to setup.You can do by following few quick steps.

If any spammers visiting your website lots of time then you can block the IP adress. yes that’s possible.Another top features is Secure shell access.It will allow to access files personally and it will secure.

If you use bluehost hosting then you can stay with secure all time.

Customer support

Bluehost customer support is good. Meximum users rating is positive and that’s true.People’s shared their own experience with others and most of reviews are postive. Some people’s reviewed that they are not friendly with customers but meximum review is positive.

They are little lazy with phone calls customers support because it’s my personal experience with them. So, support should be 4 star out of 5.They have some extra funtionality on their system. If you have cheap budget then it’s quite hard for you but hosting service is great.

Pros of bluehost

  • They have inclueded unlimited bandwidth,disk space,domains etc in almost all plans.So, it will help to start website with bluehost.
  • You will recieved a domain with your hosting plans for a year.
  • Their servers up time is 99.99% for all time.That’s positive for users and so helpful.
  • Cpanel dashboard is very easy to use no doubt about that.
  • They have added some scripts like Drupal,joomla etc. It will be very helpful for bluehost users.
  • Bluehost always better than other networks.People’s giving their review and 95% review are positive.
  • eCommerce features are better than hosting providers because they added some extra features on it to get advantage.There also available SSL strong security.
  • You will get higher level security with bluehost and that’s great.
  • Their hosting flexibility is outstanding.

Cons of bluehost

  • Higher renewal rates for all bluehost users. The best way to make website with lowest price if it possible. It’s the main thing for everyone. So, Renewal rate will be higher for hosted website. This is very common subject in web hosting industry. At the end you will see the same thing for bluehost but services is better than others.
  • Bluehost try to give better services for users but price is little expensive for wordpress hosting.
  • Are you looking for site migrations? It’s not free in bluehost. Some company giving their users to migrate website for free but unfortunatly you can’t enjoy this on here.You have to pay for that.
  • If you look for price and services then it’s surely not bad because they have ranked in top web hosting providers. So, their services is good.

I think you got a complete idea about bluehost But if you buy domain and hosting then you need buy a theme/template for your website. So, i have some post about best wordpress theme. If you need then you can checkout all post.

Conclusion of bluehost

Bluehost is a famous domain and hosting providers in the world. Not only that, Bluehost is a trusted company too.They have more than 15 years experience in web hosting industry.

Listen, I am sharing my personal experience because. I’m using bluehost web hosting service and its not bad. I think it’s a great company for web hosting. Their price is quite high but service is not bad that’s the main thing for me. If you looking for make a website for blog,or magazine, etc then you can start with bluehost.

You will get plenty of features with bluehost hosting plans that’s a positive side. You have to think that why they are top web hosting providers? Surely they their service is better right? that’s why they are the No 1 recommended web hosting company from . I would recommended to anyone for bluehost web hosting. If you looking for alternative of bluehost then you can check Hostgator,Siteground or dreamhost.

So, at the end i wanna say that, You should start your website with bluehost and it will help you to get better perfomance.

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